About the doctor

A pediatric neurology subspecialist in Tehran

Mohammad Kazem Bakhshandeh was born in February of 1979 in one of the villages of Babol, Mazandaran Province, Iran.

Mohammad Kazem Bakhshandeh was the top student throughout his studying at elementary school and high school. In 1997, immediately after graduating from high school, Mohammad Kazem Bakhshandeh entered Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Mohammad Kazem Bakhshandeh ranked second in the nationwide medical board exam in pediatrics. Ranking first in subspecialty examination, Mohammad Kazem Bakhshandeh entered Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in Tehran immediately after graduating from pediatrics specialty to study subspecialty of pediatric neurology.

After completing pediatric neurology, Dr. Mohammad Kazem Bakhshandeh received a scholarship from Japan’s International Pediatric Neurology Society, and spent a one-year fellowship in neuromuscular diseases at Japan’s National Neurology Center in Tokyo.

Dr. Mohammad Kazem Bakhshandeh studied diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular diseases during the fellowship course in Japan. The Fellowship Certificate was evaluated by the Department of Educational Services of Ministry of Health and approved as the first pediatric neuromuscular fellowship in Iran.

Dr. Mohammad Kazem Bakhshandeh is now serving as the faculty member of University of Medical Sciences.

Over the past few years, Dr. Mohammad Kazem Bakhshandeh has successfully conducted research activities, in addition to teaching at the university and treating patients, which resulted in the publication of twenty papers in local and international scientific journals. In fifteen papers, he was the first or the corresponding author.


-Second rank in the pediatric specialty board exam in Iran

-First rank in pediatric neurology exam in Iran

-The first holder of pediatric neuromuscular fellowship in Iran with the approval of the Iranian Ministry of Health

-Winner of the International Pediatric Neurosurgery Society of Japan Award

-Member of the International Association of Muscle Diseases

-Member of the International Society of Pediatric Neurology